A little about me.

Hello there, my name is Kadrian Kellogg.  Feel free to call me Kady, or Katty, like so many people do.

I have been traveling nearly full time since I was 13 years old.  Traveling is my passion, it flows in my blood. I am a gypsy, with an ever-growing need to see more, do more, meet more, share more and be more. Travel has taught me to be courageous, to take risks, and to cherish all relationships. It has taught me more than I could ever hope to learn in a book about life, about people, about places, about diversity … but most important about unity in our humanity.

Photography has become my portal to share the light and love that I encounter across the globe. It is more about my love of life than anything else. The earth is art, it is fluid, it is life. I find fulfillment in capturing one fleeting moment amongst the millions of seemingly insignificant moments. Showcasing truth and celebrating authenticity.

My goal, as a photographer is to make my clients feel celebrated. I offer a wide range of photography services, focusing on the individual and embracing the emotional impact that makes for the most fascinating and imaginative photos.

Call me, email me, text me, Snap Me, DM me … let’s meet, get to know one another and start a friendship, and then let’s collaborate on your dream project. Together, we can make this happen!


Your friend Kadrian